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You & YOUR Role

Regardless of what you might think of yourself, you are (by definition) a rich falang tourist. It does not matter if you are Joe Average, auto mechanic from Nowheresville... you have just travelled half-way around the world to enjoy Thailand.

Price variables you may encounter include the age and beauty of the girl, her judgment of you, how busy the night is, high or low season, etc.

If you are very old, notably overweight, drunk or look scruffy – expect to pay more! Hey, much as it might appear to the contrary, the ladies are not really doing this for fun…

If you are younger, handsome, loaded… it’s probably going to be less expensive! In this case, the ladies may have higher expectations of you in terms of a decent tip, and also the potential of engineering a long-term engagement or relationship. As part of that, they will be prepared to expend extra efforts to make you feel good about whatever arrangements they negotiate with you.

As in all things – you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression. Looking sharp will save you money!

Taking a Thai Girl Out From Work

You may very well meet a lady in one of the many bars and massage parlours who really captivates you - it happens! Just be aware that there are a small percentage of hard-hearted, ruthless bitches whose only goal is to separate you from as much money as possible - just like their Western sisters!

Balanced against that, there are also some remarkably beautiful, intelligent, articulate and truly wonderful ladies working in such places. For a variety of reasons and circumstances, they have found that this work offers them the only way out of whatever difficulties they face. Usually it is extreme poverty – survival of family is perhaps the greatest single motivation. The hope of meeting a decent man who will take care of them and treat them well is a dream shared by many girls!

If you persuade a lady to go out with you, please remember that no matter how much she likes you, she has no ability to take time off without pay.

  1. Every day away from work is money lost that she can ill-afford
  2. No money means someone suffers – and this is obviously not going to be you!
  3. It might be her elderly parents or worse still, her children that will go hungry…

 She does NOT have Paid Holiday Leave, Sick Leave...

And she gets no time off in lieu… If she likes you, she may be prepared to take the risk that you will understand her dilemma. Don’t think of it so much as paying for her time and for sex. Instead, think of it as giving her a paid holiday out of the kindness of your heart!

At the outset, make it clear that you like her and that you want her to have a relaxing time with no worries. Tell her you will happily cover her time lost at work – and make up her lost wages in order that you can enjoy time with her and learn more about each other. For an attractive girl in a massage parlour, go-go bar etc, you should be prepared to offer her upwards of 8,000 - 12,500 baht per week, and you also cover all holiday expenses. Do that and you will earn her respect for your thoughtfulness, and be assured of having a very happy and accommodating companion.

Don’t be Remembered as an Asshole

There are guys who take a girl away for a week of entertainment, and think that the reward of a “free” holiday is sufficient… They deprive the lady of income, use her goodwill and her body for a week, and then blithely disappear without compensating the girl properly, or at all. Either it never occurs to them to cover the ladies losses while she was off work, or they are just despicable mongrels. Don't be remembered that way... or bad karma will be your just reward.