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Victoria's Secret Massage

Asoke-Din Daeng and Rama IX Roads

Victoria's Secret Massage - Asoke-Din Daeng and Rama IX - Bangkok

Address: 555 Soi Soon Vijai 4, Rama IX road, on the interconnect road to Huay Kwang

How To Get There: The soi to Victoria’s Secret Massage Parlour is the first soi (Soi 13) on the left off Rama IX road after La Defense Massage. There is a 7/11 and small neon "Massage Club" sign on this corner pointing down the soi.

From Rama IX road it's a 10-12 minute walk - 530 metres down the soi to where the main traffic veers left, then 200 metres to Victoria's Secret.

Or... you can make it easy and just take a taxi.

Phone: 02318-8370

Hours: 15:00 - 24:00

Ambience: Victoria’s Secret Massage Parlor is yet another high-end establishment where desirable girls and great service is why you came to Thailand to begin with. In short, Victoria's is the salve for any previous soapy massage experience that was less than ideal.

Victoria is a place you're not going to forget in a hurry, not even after you've gone back home. You will always smile when thinking back upon it. Yes, it costs more but you get what you pay for.

Cost: The price ranges from 1700 - 5500 baht. Plus charges for food, drink, and the room (if it's beyond the standard).

Note: Victoria’s Secret Massage Parlor is a very nicely appointed place, situated amongst houses and apartments and with a restaurant, karaoke, snooker, lounge lobby etc. The fishbowl has about 20-30 girls, divided into 3 groups. Standard service for the massage girls is 2 hours, and body massage girls is 1.5 hours.

Victoria's Secret is highly recommended

Taxi card to the nearby Royal Pacific Hotel
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Victorias Secret Massage Parlour - Bangkok Thailand

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