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If Cleanliness is next to Godliness... the Soapy Massage is Heaven on Earth!

Soapy Massage Info
"Soapies" Explained

Bath / Massage Format

The Turkish Bath House (Thai-style) and Soapy Massage offer the classic R&R destination. No man’s education should be regarded as complete without sampling these delights.

The Turkish bath consists of your masseuse joining you in a large bathtub built for two where she scrupulously (and wondefully) washes every part of you - sometimes adding a blow job (try not to blow your load as your session is just starting).

The soapy massage is next. It's usually done on an air-mattress (also known as the Bangkok slide, full body massage, B-Course massage and Tora Tora massage) involving lots of suds, full body contact, and heart-pounding action.

But hold on! There's more! After the soapy, she will rinse and dry you in preparation for... the bed where you have sex. Don't worry if you couldn't hold back until this point. No problem. If you came somewhere earlier in the session just relax. But if you're up for another round, go for it.

While not offered in all Turkish Bath Houses, soapy massages are widely available at establishments such as Nataree and CP2 . This is an experience not be missed.

The Turkish Bath House / Soapy Massage is an institution with a great deal to commend it. The ladies should, in general, be viewed as courtesans as the services provided are generally far more sophisticated than Westerners are accustomed to. Indeed, the ladies are generally regarded with a degree of respect here that is not accorded to their Western sisters.

One description is “girl friends for rent.” This is a reasonable view of the relationship that is provided. In (almost) all cases the ladies are very concerned to ensure you feel totally pampered, are completely relaxed, and leave the premises with a genuine smile, eager to return!

This “girl friend experience” is highly valued in Thailand by locals and visitors alike.

Sounds great, but how much does it cost?

A simple question that gets a fuzzy answer.

Costs vary according to the establishment, massage duration, and specific service. Often, there is also a hierarchy of masseuses:

  1. Standard massage girls – Thai or oil (300 - 800 baht for a 2-hour session, plus a negotiable fee for extras)
  2. Super, Superstars or Body Massage girls (costing 1,900 – 2500 baht) – these are the ones who do the soapy mattress massage (trust me - you owe it to yourself to try this!)
  3. Sideline girls may also be available in a lounge area, or adjacent to the Fish Bowl (2,000 – 5,000 baht) – arguably even more beautiful or younger still…
In almost all cases the fee is all-inclusive! The one notable exception is that the less expensive Standard (Thai or Oil style) Massage girls will often want to negotiate a fee, should you by any chance require any additional services.

Advice on Selecting a Girl

Take your time!!! The first thing you want to do upon entering is to find a seat/table, and cool off in the air-conditioning. Relax... order a beer or a juice, and watch the action for a while. Carefully observe the ladies as they interact with the other girls.

Personally, I like to select a lady who looks cheerful and animated, as well as attractive. If they are silent and aloof behind the glass, it might not be any better when they come out.

Observe the Papasans / Mamasans at work - their role is to help customers pick the "right" girl, and their advice can be worth listening to. Most speak English to some degree. Explain what you like -  tall/short, busty, full-figured or petite etc. For example, I always ask for a "small, happy girl, not too young" and tell him/her that I will be happy to tip if I am happy with the lady...

You can pick two ladies (or even more)! Don't be shy. Whatever you've always wanted / fantasized - ask. It's pretty likely they've heard it before. So long as you're willing to pay the additional cost, chances are your wishes will find willing partners / services.

Last comment: Safety/Health
Condoms are mandatory for sex. Optional (it seems) for blowjobs. Can bareback sex be had in parlors? I suppose (I've never asked). It's just you and the girl alone in the room. But consider that if she's screwing you without a condom then...

Also consider that the girls are having multiple sessions a day. And, although not at epidemic levels, STDs are alive and well in Thailand - same as true around the world.

Tipping at a Soapy Massage Parlour

Although the fee may be all-inclusive, at least half the fee goes to the establishment. Please bear in mind that tipping for great service is the norm, and your selected lady will be expending a great deal of charm and effort to make you happy for two hours.

If you had a good time, a fair tip is 2-300 baht – and if you had an extremely enjoyable time, 500 baht could restore the lady’s faith in divine providence and make her very happy indeed! Not only that, but it encourages the ladies to provide good service, and puts them in a good mood – which is good for everyone!

The usual session length is 2 hours, and the objective is to relax and enjoy yourself. However, in some places the service for the body massage girls may only be 1.5 hours.

Treatment of Foreigners

Falang and other non East-Asians are welcome at most places. However - in a few places only - it may be up to the discretion of the Papasan - based on criteria that include physical body size, Thai language skills, state of sobriety, and standard of dress

  1. Surcharges are applied for falang (non-Asian) in some places and this can increase the cost by upwards of 500 -1000 baht (approx US $15 - $30) over what non-falang are charged (e.g. Caesars, Poseidon etc). It is what it is - so get over it. Wherever you came from, the girls there are less attractive and far more expensive!
  2. Some places will take advantage of your ignorance of local rates, by attempting to over-charge you e.g. Cleopatra, Mona Lisa, J1/CP1 can/will fleece you in a heartbeat. The best option is to avoid them - there are plenty of falang-friendly places.
  3. Some places pay a "commission" or finders fee to taxi drivers (Mona Lisa, Plaza etc) and this is tacked onto your bill... so if you go right to the door by taxi, you must accept you'll be charged more than the standard rates - as quoted on massage web sites, soapy massage forums etc. You are not being "overcharged" as such - just paying the extra price for being a sucker! :-)

INSIDE a Soapy Massage Parlour

Upon entering the premises, the large and dimly lit foyer will generally have:
  1. The Fish Bowl - a well-lit area screened off by glass and containing a number of attractive young ladies. Depending on the size of establishment, and the time of day, this can be anywhere from 10 to 100 women, usually in evening gowns, seated on tiered benches. Each lady has a badge with a number whose range, badge colour or an alpha prefix, may indicate the type of service she provides.

    In some establishments, the ladies may be divided into sections according to their beauty, age or particular specialty.
  2. Tables, if the place serves drinks/food, or chairs only… Take a seat, check out the talent on display, order a cold drink if available. Within a few minutes someone should approach to help you out with the next step.
  3. Papasan/Mamasan - a male/female in a suit/business attire. There should be one or more people whose role is to assist you in your selection, explain the options, and ascertain how long you would like to stay. Most places will have someone who speaks English to some degree.
  4. A Cashiers desk… where you pay before you enjoy the delights of the Establishment.