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S.Botan (PP Cafe) Massage

Rama VI Road

Location Map - S.Botan (PP Cafe) Massage Parlor - Rama VI Road - Bangkok

How To Get There:

  1. S.Botan Massage Parlor can be easily reached by going to National Stadium BTS (Exit 1) and walking down the right hand side of Rama I to the junction of Rama VI road (850 metres), and then turning right into Rama VI. Walk along Rama VI to the first pedestrian footbridge and cross over. Soi 13 is just ahead, before the Klong San Saep bridge.
  2. S.Botan Massage Parlor Taxi card is included in the E-Book

Phone: 0-2216-6395-6

Hours: Timing seems to be an issue here: the downstairs bath house opening time may be 2 – 2:30 pm

Cost: Downstairs bath house - the all-inclusive price of 1000 baht represents good value, although this is a 1-hour service.

Upstairs was a 2-hour massage for 350 baht, but it appears that “other services” are negotiable, for a fee. It's probably best to raise the matter of “extras” at the outset… Otherwise, by the time the need for negotiation arises and becomes an issue, you will find yourself bargaining from a position of weakness and you could end up eagerly paying 2000 baht to the charming, enthusiastic and athletic young lady.. (but damn, it was worth every penny at the time!)

Note: The fishbowl is downstairs, just inside the doors. This is a mid-size place with about 40-50 girls, some of whom (in the author's opinion) were very attractive!

S.Botan Massage Parlor - Rama VI Road, Bangkok Room - S.Botan Massage Parlour - Rama VI Road, Bangkok
S.Botan is the yellow/white building on the left - taken from the pedestrian overbridge on Rama VI, looking towards Uraphong Junction S.Botan is actually quite tidy, rooms are clean, the towels are fluffy – certainly a good value soapy massage parlour!

Field Report: On arrival at about 1:30 pm, the downstairs area of S.Botan was pretty much deserted, except for the cashier. (Neon sign in the Soi says “Traditional Massage”) The Traditional Massage area is upstairs to the right of the fishbowl – as you walk between the fishbowl and the cashiers desk, the stairs are directly ahead of you. There is another small fishbowl with 15-20 girls, several of whom were a delight to behold.

Departing weakly at 3:30 pm, trying to repress the grin, I noted with interest that the downstairs fishbowl was lit up and nicely populated with 20+ little angels. Definitely merits a return visit... This mental appointment was kept. It was 1000 baht well spent and is now on my list of favourite places.

That’s all I’ve got to say.

Taxi card to S. Botan Massage is included in the E-Book
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