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Plaza Entertainment Complex

Makkasan Road at New Petchaburi Road, Near Sukhumvit Soi 3

Plaza Entertainment : Cupids Massage : Sherbert : Delias :: Location Map - Turkish Bath Houses - New Petchaburi Road - Soi 3 - Asoke Area

The Plaza Entertainment Complex is located at the soi leading to the Prince Hotel on New Petchaburi Road, across from Sukhumvit Soi 3. The main entrance is at the L-bend on Makassan Road. Within the Plaza, there are three places (Cupidy, Sherbert and Delila) featuring girls in fishbowls and/or sideline girls in lounges.

Address: 1543/1-5 New Petchaburi Road, Makkasan, Rachatevee

How to Get There:
  1. Taxi to Plaza Entertainment Complex. But you risk getting hit with a surcharge for the taxi driver's commission.
  2. Taxi to the Prince Hotel on Soi 39. The hotel is a few metres before the pedestrian overbridge (in the shadows on the aerial photo above) over New Petchaburi Road which, in turn, is 220 metres from the Makkasan Road / Nana Soi 3 junction.
  3. Walk from the Phetchaburi MRT exit

Phone: 0253-1502-4

Taxi card to the Plaza Entertainment Complex and nearby
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Prince Hotel, Petchaburi Road, Bangkok - near Plaza, Embassy, Halem, Oscar turkish Bath Houses Plaza Entertainment Sign - Cupidy, Sherbert, Dalila

Cupids / Cupidy Massage Parlor

Location: Located on the ground floor of the Plaza, you will directly pass the entrance to Cupidy Massage Parlor if you enter via the Petchaburi back entrance to Plaza. There is usually a portable neon sign on Petchaburi Road advertising this place.

Cost: 2000 baht for fishbowl girls. Add another 500 baht for sideline girls. Should none of the girls you see appeal to you, ask to see the upstairs "Superstar" girls (younger / prettier) - and be prepared to pay more.

Hours: 12:00 - 24:00

Note: Cupidy Massage Parlor has medium sized fishbowl with well over 50 girls - some of whom are quite beautiful. Similar to its neighbour Vilunda.

Try to avoid coming here via taxi or tuk-tuk as a finder's fee will be added to your bill (about 200 baht). Instead, go to the nearby Prince Hotel. Always keep in mind that if you are ever unhappy with the quoted price, simply walk away (other parlors are nearby). And in situations like this, the papasan will usually come running up after you and offer a much better rate. The staff here have a reputation of being pushy.


Address: The main entrance is at the L-bend on Makassan Road.

Cost: 1900 baht. There is also a lounge area with sideline girls, which costs 2700 baht, although the cost for non-locals may be 4,200 baht.

Note: On the 2nd floor of Plaza - if you come into the Plaza via the main entrance - you will end up here (advertised as a karaoke place). A mid-size fishbowl with about 30-40 girls. The staff here are quite civil (unlike Cupidy’s)


Address: On the 6th floor of Plaza

Cost: 3500 baht for locals/asians and 4500 baht for non-locals.

Note: A members type club, although you don't need to be member to enter. At Delias, you will find some very attractive sideline girls (supposed models, students, office workers) sitting in the lounge area. The staff at Delila are very helpful.

Taxi card to the nearby Prince Hotel
is included in the E-Book - Buy it now!

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