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Phothip Photiwech Massage

Chiang Mai

Location map for Phothip Photiwech Massage - Chiang Mai

Address: Bandit Pattana Road, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai

How to Get There: Go north along Charoen Muang Road (the "other" end of Thapae). Cross the Mae Nam Ping River at the Nawarat Bridge. Turn right at the 4th set of traffic lights. The Phothip Photiwech Hotel is on the right, opposite the entrance to the Chiang Mai Railway Station car park.

Drive down the right-hand side of the hotel, and find a parking space. The entrance to the massage parlour is in the left-hand corner of the car park. As you enter, there's a pool hall directly ahead, turn left and walk upstairs to the massage parlor.

Phone: 053 3022081 or 066541484

Hours: 09:00 - 01:30

Cost: 600 baht for a 2 hour oil massage. HJ are available at 500 baht, full service is available from some of the ladies, but not necessarily all (the story of my life...)

Note: Phothip Photiwech Massage offers Thai and oil (sensual) massage, and has approximately 30 ladies available. On entry at the ground (1st) floor, you should see a Massage sign with an arrow pointing up the stairs to the left... Unlike OT Massage, showers here are separate from the massage room.

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