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New Cleopatra Entertainment & Massage

Asoke-Din Daeng and Rama IX Roads

Address: New Cleopatra Entertainment & Massage Parlour is on Asoke-Din Daeng Road, Bangkok, about 750 metres from the intersection with Asoke Road where the Fortune Hotel is. The large gaudy neon sign cannot be missed.

Overhead View:
Asoke Road at Rama IX Road

Phone: 0246-6680

Hours: 14:00 - 24:00

Cost: Prices include a 500 baht falang surcharge:

  1. Fishbowl girls: aproximately 2500 baht for 2 hours
  2. Sideline Models: 2700 - 4500 baht for 1 hour
  3. VIP models: 5500 for the VIP models for 1 hour
  4. Russian girls: 3500 baht for 1 hour

Note: New Cleopatra Entertainment is an upscale massage parlour with some of the most expensive working girls (aka models) of any of the Bangkok parlours.

The fishbowl at Cleopatra’s is on the left as you enter. It is large with some quite attractive girls. If you turn right at the entrance instead, you will see a Members Lounge sign, but you don’t actually need to be a member to enter this area. In it, you will find the sideline girls and “models".

The girls in the lounge area sit and can be summoned over for a drink, talk etc. The attendants here are very personable in helping you make a choice. At the bar they also have photo albums with pictures of available models.

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