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Long Beach / Love Boat Club Massage Parlor

Asoke-Din Daeng and Rama IX Roads / Royal City Avenue Area

Location Map - La Defense, Amsterdam, Long Beach, Catherine, Victorias Secret Massage Parlors, Bangkok
Long Beach - Love Boat Club - Royal City Avenue - Bangkok

Address: 555 Soi Soon Vijai / Rama 9, Bangkok. Long Beach is close to the Rama IX hospital (follow the signs) and is just next door to the Golden Tulip Hotel.

How To Get There: Coming here by taxi, tell the driver to go to the Golden Tulip Hotel (previously, the Radisson Hotel) at Rama IX (Pra Ram Gow). Long Beach Massage Parlor is right next door

Phone: 02274-4040, 02274-4118, 02641-5757

Hours: 15:00 - 24:00

Cost: Fishbowl girls are 1800 baht, sideline girls between 2500 - 3500 baht

Note: Long Beach Massage Parlor is an upscale massage parlor, with the front of the building shaped like a boat. It addition to the large fishbowl with about 40-50 girls, there's a lavish restaurant, a karaoke club, and a lounge bar.

The Royal City Avenue (RCA) entertainment area consisting of bars, discos, and restaurants is just around the corner. Non-stop partying all night long.

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