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La Defense Massage

Asoke-Din Daeng and Rama IX Roads

Location Map - La Defense, Amsterdam, Long Beach, Catherine, Victorias Secret Massage Parlors, Bangkok
La Defense Massage Parlor & Entertainment - Asoke-Din Daeng and Rama IX - Bangkok
Royal Pacific Hotel

Address: Rama IX road, next to the Royal Pacific hotel on Soi 11

How To Get There: the La Defense Massage Parlor is approximately 2 kms from the beginning of Rama IX starting from the Ratchadaphisek intersection where the Fortune Hotel is located.

  1. Walk - I did... and I don't recommend it  :-)
  2. Taxi to the Royal Pacific Hotel. Taxi card included in e-book

Phone: 0319-4645

Hours: 14:30-24:00 (Mon-Fri) 12:30-24:00 (Sat-Sun)

Cost: 1900 - 5500 baht

Note: La Defense Massage Parlor is a lavish place with a Japanese restaurant, karaoke lounge and health centre. The massage section has a mid-size bowl with about 50 girls.

While La Defense may cater mainly to Japanese visitors, guests from all corners of the globe are welcome here too.

The girls are gorgeous (which might make for a difficult decision...) And in addition to the splendor of the establishment, the service is quite good.

You seriously have to give La Defense a try

Taxi card to the adjacent Royal Pacific Hotel
is included in the E-Book - Buy it now!

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