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J-One Cafe (Chao Phaya 1) Massage Parlor

Sri Ayutthaya Road

Location Map: J1 / J-One Cafe, Chao Phaya 1 :: Sri Ayutthaya Road, Bangkok

J One / Chao Phaya 1 Turkish Bath House & Soapy Massage, Sri Ayutthaya Road,  - Bangkok

Address: Sri Ayutthaya Street. Located next to Phaya Thai 1 hospital.

How to Get There: Use Exit #4 from the Phaya Thai BTS station, turn right, and walk to the Europa Hotel where you can take a taxi

Phone: 245-3381

Cost: The girls in the fishbowl are available for either 1900 or 2000 baht. Sideline girls sitting in the cafe are available for 2500 - 3000 baht

Note: There are three other Turkish Bath House soapy massage parlors within easy walking distance. The first is on the right, a 500 metre/yard stroll.

The fishbowl (40-50 girls) is smaller than the Chaophya II ("2") across the road. Note also that J One / Chao Phaya 1 is owned by different management than the Chaophya 2, and pays a finders fee to touts and will double-price tourists if given the chance.

Suggest you avoid J-One Cafe - unless you are either too lazy to cross the street to CP II, or can drive a hard bargain…

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