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Glossary of Terms

These are some of the many acronyms and terms you will hear used with the Thai nightlife

Acronym / Name Explanation / Description
BB Bare Back (no condom)
Bar Fine The fee paid to the bar to get the girl out of the bar, applies to go go bars and most beer bars. For more info see previous special chapter on this.
B-Course A category of girls who give you a body-to-body massage - aka Tora Tora Massage - soapy water and and air-mattress. They are often well-endowed as well...
  1. A-Course is massage with HJ, girl usually naked
  2. B-Course is massage with BJ/FS, girl naked
  3. V.I.P. Course is massage with FS, same same
Beer Bar These bars don’t feature go-go dancers, but do have girls who you can bar-fine. Cheaper than go-go bars, but with less to look at!
BG Bar Girl
BJ Blow Job, "smoke" (BG/TG slang)
BKK Bangkok (airport code)
Body Massage A massage performed by athletic use of the girls body , normally accomplished in association with lots of suds on a rubber air mattress. Some say this is best experienced with two girls... aka Tora, B-course
Boomsing BG/TG slang for sex
BTS The Skytrain - Bangkok Transit System
Butterfly Guy who flutters from girl to girl J A scoundrel, no less! (aka a Monger)
City of Angels Bangkok. The Thai name for Bangkok is Krungthep Mahanakorn which translated is, "The Great City of Angels". In my (humble) opinion, there are more angels per square kilometre here than anywhere else on earth! J
Farang / Falang Non-Asian (Caucasian)
FR Field Report – where you can give the boys some helpful information on your personal experiences – (massage parlours, go-go bars, girls etc) and which can be posted on one or more of the many forums covering the nightlife topic. Please send us YOURS!
FL / Freelancer A Thai girl on her own, not working for a bar - instead, freelancers will hang around bars , discos and hotels looking for “customers”. No bar-fine is involved should you wish to take one home. However, if you have any trouble (e.g. theft) then there is usually no way of finding her.
FS Full Service (i.e., you get laid)
Fish Bowl Commonly found in massage parlors is a wall of glass, behind which sit the girls, all dressed in formal gowns. The girls here are considered the "standard" category. Sometimes you may see extra busty ones, usually in the "B-course" category.
GFE Girl Friend Experience – the endearing way in which Thai girls enhance the whole P4P experience!
Go-Go Bar A bar where you can sit and watch girls “dance” on stage , usually in bikinis, sometimes topless or stark naked. Drinks are substantially more expensive than in regular bars, going for 100-150 baht per drink. While the girls will sit and chat with you, it’s considered polite to buy them a “lady-drink” for their time. If you want to take a girl out of the bar, you have to pay the “bar-fine” to the bar. Any services you want from the girl herself are arranged between you and her.
HJ Hand job
Ladyboy BG/TG slang term for transsexual/transvestite aka “women of the 2nd category” or “katoey”
Lady-drink Bars like you to buy a drink for any girl you want to sit and talk with. Price varies according to venue (Beer Bar vs. Go-go), but figure 100-150 baht for a couple of sips of cola, for which the girl gets a cut of the cash.
LOS Land of Smiles (Thailand)
LT Long time (until at least 6am next morning) - usually until after breakfast… although she might enjoy a sleep in!
Mamasan Female supervisor in bar / parlour / club
Models These girls are reputedly magazine models, or sometimes ex-actresses. Found in expensive massage establishments such as Poseidon, New Cleopatra or Champ Elysee.
Monger Derivation of whore-monger - a man of low morals who repeatedly consorts with loose women. A disgraceful fellow...
MP Massage parlor (oil or soapy)
MRT Bangkok Underground Train System - Mass Rapid Transit
NEP Nana Entertainment Plaza
Oil Massage You get a 1 or 2 hour oil massage. Some establishments may offer Aromatherapy with herbal or aromatic oils.
Papasan Male supervisor in bar / parlour / club
P4P Pay for Play (sex)
Pu-ying Girl, Lady
Smoke TG/BG slang term for BJ
ST / Short Time Short Time (about 2 hours) plus transit between bar and hotel etc.
Short Time Hotels Rooms that can rented for a couple of hours, normally for a few hundred baht. Services are oriented to brief liaisons... Some of these places have their own porch with a curtain to keep your car covered from peering eyes. See the list of known short time hotels.
Side-line Girls These are massage parlour girls who are not normally in the "fish bowl" area. Instead, they are located around the bar or lounge areas, depending on the establishment. Not all are regulars, and they are often younger/more beautiful (and consequently more expensive).
Soapy Massage Usually a bath service rather than a massage. You get a thorough rub down from the girl with soap and water in a big tub, a shampoo if you want… and sometimes including a full body massage on a soapy rubber mattress. Whatever you do after that is pretty much up to you and her over the usual 90 minutes to 2 hour session. Fee is usually all-inclusive...
Specialty Bars Bars that are known to have special services besides serving beer or alcoholic beverages. (BJ, HJ, ST etc)
Suk Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok – where the action is!
TG Thai Girl
TGF Thai Girl Friend
Thai Massage Thai Massage – traditional style
Tora Tora Massage aka B-Course, Full body massage, air mattress, soapy water, bed
Turkish Bath House A Turkish Bath House is an establishment offering a selection of ladies who will bathe and pamper you for a 1 - 2 hour session, and where the all-inclusive fee (ranging from 1000 to 4000 baht) includes FS.
Whole Night (WN) Same as LT - You get to keep her for the night, although she might not (necessarily) do it all night long! If she does, give her a very good tip, and email me her phone number!!