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Chavalla I Massage Parlor

Sri Ayutthaya Road

Location Map: Chavalla 1 Massage Parlor :: Sri Ayutthaya Street, Bangkok

Chavalla I Massage & Turkish Bath House - Sri Ayutthaya Street - Bangkok

Address: Sri Ayutthaya Road

At the Phaya Thai BTS station, use Exit 4. Turn right onto Sri-Ayutthaya Road where there are 3 Turkish Bath House / soapy massage parlours within easy walking distance. The first is on the right, a 500 metre/yard stroll.

How to Get There:

  1. Take the BTS to Phaya Thai, and walk
  2. Taxi to the Europa Hotel

Just down the road from the Chao Phya 2 and opposite the J1 and Phaya Thai 1 hospital - directly off the end of the overhead pedestrian bridge crossing. Entry - walk through the vehicle entrance (bottom left of photo) towards a small car parking area. Approx 15 metres off the street, there are glass doors to your left opening into the fishbowl.

Phone: 245-3003

Hours: 15:00 - 24:00

Cost: 1300 baht for 2 hours – all-inclusive bath, massage, and an expert HJ / BJ

Note: As you enter, the fishbowl is ahead and to the right, the cashiers desk to the left. This is an older place and rooms definitely need a make-over, but good attitudes from the papasan and the ladies.

At 6pm, the car park was full, and the fishbowl had only 6-8 girls present, some of whom were quite attractive. The notable difference is that the lady does not get into the bath with you, but instead remains clothed and washes you from outside the bath. However, for the relief massage portion of the session, she did remove her top... I can only assume that it's the usual formula.

“Other Services” are not available, according to girl who said she worked at Chavalla 1 3 years and never provided FS once in all that time. But she did give me her phone number… And we are going out to movies and dinner, and (hopefully) etc’s afterwards! (Yes, real relationships can happen with sex workers - they're people, too)

Bottom line, if you want FS, walk another 75 metres to CP, or cross the street to J1 Cafe... However, if you're feeling lazy and just want to relax with a nice girl for 2 hours, enjoy a luxurious bath, shampoo and a de-stressing massage, it's a very pleasant option.

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