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Bacara Turkish Bath House & Massage

Petchaburi Road at Uraphong Junction

Location Map - Bacara Massage Parlor - Petchaburi at Uraphong Junction - Bangkok

At the Uraphong Junction, where (old) Petchaburi Road intersects with Rama VI, there is a low-end massage parlour - Bacara - catering to locals.

Address: Located at Petchaburi Soi 4, on the left side of (old) Petchaburi Road

How To Get There: Bacara Massage Parlor is a small and slightly rundown place that is about 25 yards into the soi on your left, no sign in English but there is a small neon sign (not lit) in English on the side of the 7-Eleven store that is on corner of Petchaburi Soi 4.

Cost: 600 baht and 240 baht for traditional massage girls. Extras are extra (not sure how much, but are available).

Note: A small fishbowl with about 20 girls

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