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Amsterdam Massage Parlor

Asoke-Din Daeng and Rama IX Roads

Amsterdam Turkish Bath House & Massage Parlor - Asoke-Din Daeng and Rama IX - Bangkok

Address: 333 Asok Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok.
Opposite the Fortune Town Hotel at the Asoke Intersection

How To Get There: From the Praram 9 MRT (Underground), come up and out at the Fortune Town Hotel Exit. You will be looking directly at Amsterdam Massage. There's a huge neon sign on the roof of a Dutch windmill. The entrance is at the right and there’s usually a mamasan or papasan waiting outside.

Or take a taxi to the corner of Asoke Road and Rama 9 Road, which is just across the road from the Fortune Hotel Complex.

Hours: 12:00 - 24:00

Cost: 2600 - 5600 baht

Note: Unlike many other soapy massage salons, Amsterdam does not have the typical fishbowl where girls sit behind a glass enclosed room. Instead, the girls known as sideliners sit in an open lounge area on comfy couches while patiently waiting for customers. The real benefit is that as a guest, you can get up close and personal with the ladies.

Be aware that the terms "sideliners" and "models" are often code for what well-heeled Thai customers prefer: tall, fair-skin girls - in addition to being younger and/or more beautiful. Those girls cost more. It is what it is.

Westerners (i.e., falangs) get a 500 baht surcharge.

Overall, Amsterdam is rated as average for what is on offer

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